Environmental Protection

Quest upholds our productionwith efficiency and effectiveness, thus reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. As a responsible citizen of the world, Quest actively develops countermeasures for reducing greenhouse gases, energy conservation and carbon reduction with latest technology. Quest’s principle is to develop a sustainable environment with production management, process improvement, pollution prevention, environmental design, and the recycling resources for a clearer production line. Thus leading Quest to set industry standards as responsible manufacture that assures a green environment.

Cherish Resources, Prevent Pollution

During product development, trial production and the production process, Quest strengthens the control of various raw materials in each phase, thus ensuring every product conforms to the requirements of the International Green and Customer rules and regulations. Quest has established its own targets for reducing energy, consumption and recycling. Furthermore, we carry out the energy conservation, emission reduction, green loops, in order to reduce the impact of the product and process on the environment. Quest’s goal is to produce “Green Products”, this is achieved by selecting low pollution and low hazard materials, which lessens the impact for the environment and people.