Quest Composite Technology is recognized as the innovative leader in composite materials, machinery, technology, design, and engineering. Thus setting Quest apart, steering collaborations with renowned brands and industries worldwide.

Trailblazer of Composite Materials

Quest has over 40 years of composite knowledge, which leads to precise execution on fabricating composite materials in design, production process, durability, and tolerance for the industry.

Ability to Implement Efficient Development to Mass Production

Quest excels in new product development, with flexibility of meeting customers’ request from refine petite custom production to mass volume production. Quest is equipped with in house tooling facility for composite materials and metals. Thus insuring best turnaround time from design to market.

High end Facilities and Equipments

Since the begining, Quest is relentless in acquiring and upholding state of art facility for manufacturing composite products. Starts from our tailored tooling equipment to production machinery and testing equipment. Quest’s continuous investments, insures the best in class products for our clientele.

Long Term Relationship with Clients

Quest offers each distinct project, authentic communications with leading designers and engineers, skillful production, rigorous quality standard with on time delivery. At Quest long term collaboration is our core value, this is evident through awards and ground breaking standards set by each of our collaboration with the best companies across various industries.

Original Design and Customization

Research and Development for Composite Material

Based on each project and product specification, Quest enriches and creates original composite materials and epoxy formula to meet the desired features of each product.

Customized Process Design

Quest's state of the art facility includes in house equipment design and production capability, thus enabling Quest to create customized manufacturing process based on product requirements. Our dedicated team of IE engineers is able to design cost effecient production lines.

Tooling Design

Beginning with molding design to completion of mold, Quest insures precision by using latest technological machinery on the market. Our quality assurance is carried out using systematic management with state of the art testing equipment and software, propelling Quest to lead the market with best in class composite products.

Optimized Automated Manufacturing Process

Through automation, Quest has been able to achieve a replicable process that includes the tools and metrics for supporting an integrated production workflow; aiming at minimizing the total labor demand and boosting up efficiency to create top-notch quality products.